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FAM Grant

FAM has awarded a grant to the Division of Research to undertake the following project: A Feasibility Study for Annual Reporting of Midwifery Care Statistics. What does this mean? It’s more exciting than it sounds. The DOR has its eyes on a very big and game-changing goal: we want to report every year on the outcomes of MANA Stats contributors, just as the National Center for Healthcare Statistics reports on US outcomes and rates (like cesarean-section rate, prematurity rate, etc.) We want to do this at the same time as the NCHS, and we think the comparisons will be very enlightening! As the steward of one of the two largest datasets in North America on out-of-hospital births, the MANA DOR is perfectly poised to provide this information, which should help the public and policymakers become aware of the benefits of midwifery care. This will require a lot of capacity-building and a very solid financial and personnel situation, because once we start doing this, we will need to do it every year, and with an impeccable level of research professionalism. The purpose of the feasibility study is to identify assets and challenges and craft a plan, including funding, for making this a reality. If you are interested in helping to make this happen, please contact anyone on the Division of Research!