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New Minimal Data Form available for MANAStats!

The MANA Statistics Project now gives you the choice between two data forms. The form most contributors will begin with upon enrolling is called the Minimal Form. It collects all the essential information including demographics of your clients, their pregnancy history, birth, postpartum and outcomes. It is easy to use, taking about 8-10 minutes to complete. The Minimal Form is the ideal form to use when starting out with MANAstats because you will most likely already be charting all the information it asks for. The Minimal Form is designed to make data contribution easy and sustainable even for busy practices, or practices with multiple midwives and apprentices.

As you get the process of Stats contribution integrated into your practice and everything is flowing smoothly, you might want to consider upgrading to the Full Form. You can view and compare the two forms on our demonstration site, (there's no "www"). As you will see, the Full Form is longer, and structured somewhat differently. In addition to collecting the essential information, it gathers much more practice detail. For example, the Full Form asks specific information about each of the client's previous pregnancies, while the Minimal Form asks only the gravida, para, number of c-sections and such. The Full Form also collects all the information needed to calculate the Optimality Index for each of your births. The Full Form asks not only for complications but also how you handled them, and asks more questions about transfer of care and transport during or after labor.