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MANA leadership participates in key process at Homebirth Summit

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On April 18 and 19, a multi-disciplinary group of individuals representing the spectrum of stakeholders in maternity care – consumers, midwives, RNs, OBs, researchers, etc, will convene for a second time to collaborate on issues around choice of birth site in the U.S. The review is a follow-up to the Home Birth Consensus Summit, held in October 2011. The review will again bring a cross-section of the whole maternity care system in one room, exploring diverse needs and common goals through dialogue. Since the Summit, groups have been working together to address issues such as accessibility, collaboration and licensure. If you would like more information about the process: how the Summit came to be, who was involved, and what were the outcomes – please refer to the web site:

Although attendees come as individuals, not as representatives of organizations, Midwives Alliance leadership are playing a key role in the event. MANA board and staff members include Jill Breen, President; Geradine Simkins, Executive Director; Marinah Farrell, 1st vice president; Melissa Cheyney, Chair MANA Division of Research; and Saraswathi Vedam, Senior Advisor for the MANA Division of Research.

The initial Home Birth Consensus Summit, held in 2012, developed nine statements of common ground among all stakeholders, including a recognition and affirmation of the value of physiologic birth for women. To read the nine consensus statements, please click here.