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MANA Responds to AAP Statement on Home Birth

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On Monday, 4/29/13, the American Academy of Pediatrics released a policy statement on home birth, which you can read here.

The statement had some aspects we can all agree on, including:

  • The concept that newborn infants—regardless of the setting in which they are born—deserve an equal and unbiased, high-quality, standard of care.
  • Recommendations for newborn care that are fully consistent with care currently provided by certified professional midwives, such as standard newborn exams, screens, and preventative care practices
  • The need for having at least two NRP/CPR-trained attendants at out-of-hospital births

However, MANA was deeply concerned to see that the AAP did not recognize the role of the Certified Professional Midwife as the primary care provider for newborns in the home setting.

MANA has been actively working on a response, with the goal of educating others on the key role that CPMs play in home birth. MANA developed talking points and was highlighted at major media outlets, including Time and NBC.

The full MANA response can be found today at Science and Sensibility. We hope that you will read this piece and share it widely on your e-mail lists and via social media. We also hope that you will leave a comment at Science and Sensibility, thanking them for helping to educate others about the role of CPMs.