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Core Documents of the Midwives Alliance

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The essential documents of the Midwives Alliance describe the core competencies for basic midwifery practice, as well as the standards, qualifications and ethics necessary to provide high-quality, evidence-based services to women, newborns and childbearing families.

This section features documents that have been created and revised by the Midwives Alliance, including position statements that identify where MANA stands on various critical maternal and child health issues of the day.  

  1. MANA Core Competencies html page or pdf file
  2. Standards and Qualifications html page or pdf file
  3. Statement on Values and Ethics html page or pdf file
  4. Position Papers and Statements html page, pdf file of the Homebirth Position Paper, or pdf file of the MANA Position Statements

French Translations of some MANA Core Documents (pdf files)

  1. Les Compétences Essentielles selon l’Alliance des Sages-Femmes d’Amérique du Nord (MANA)
  2. Normes et Qualifications de l’Art et la Pratique de la Sage-Femme de MANA
  3. Charte des Valeurs Charte Ethique de MANA

Kim Mizrahi, CPM, donated her time to translate the MANA Essential Documents into French. Thank you Kim for your hard work and persistence.

Kim is a french american CPM, trained at Maternidad la Luz, Texas, living in France (Brittany) where she cannot practice legally. She works with many local midwives around the issues of homebirth and the creation of birth centers in France. She also facilitates workshops and circles around women's passages, natural fertility awareness and reconnection with one's blood cycles in the Chrysalis, an ovale-shaped self-built strawbale little house on the land she lives on. She goes abroad for a few months every year to serve in birth centers, this year, for MotherHealth International in Senegal.

Thanks for their help in proofreading to:

  • Viviane Lemaigre Dubreuil, a french birth support person, living in Paris, who also helps with translations during the european Midwifery Today conferences, and
  • France Dufort, a CPM based in Montreal.