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Position Papers & Statements

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Taking a Stand for Women-Centered Care

As a leader in the midwifery profession, MANA has written position statements to provide direction and focus for issues related to women's health, midwifery, reproductive rights, normal physiologic birth, choices in childbirth, and other related topics. Our position statements articulate the values and beliefs embedded in MANA's mission, vision and goals.

MANA and CfM Joint Position Paper on Waterbirth

Click here to read.

MANA's Position Paper on Homebirth

Click here to read.

MANA's Position Statements

Click here to read the Midwives Alliance Position Statements on the following topics:

  • Access to Midwifery Care
  • Midwifery Certification
  • National Health Policy
  • The Decriminalization of Midwifery
  • Intervention in Childbirth
  • The Midwifery Relationship with Women
  • Policy Making and Resource Allocation
  • Third Party Reimbursement
  • Midwifery Education

Joint Statements