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Restructuring MANA

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Resource Documents Regarding Restructuring MANA

  1. Re-imagining  & Restructuring MANA, A report to the MANA membership; Portland, Oregon, October 2013
    This report acknowledges the chaos and complexity of our changing health care system, and explores what adaptations must occur in order for MANA to thrive, be sustainable, and be well positioned for the future. This report is the first attempt by the board of directors to provide a basic overview of re-imagining and restructuring MANA, at the levels of both its governance structure and operational model.  It is a work in progress. As the board gains more feedback from members and advisers, our vision for the future will evolve and expand.
  2. Why Restructure? Report for the MANA Board of Directors; Geradine Simkins, Executive Director, September 24, 2012
    This report describes 6 trends that impact all associations in the U.S. as they struggle to keep pace, keep current, and keep relevant in a rapidly changing world. The report also explores 5 radical changes to address the 6 trends.
  3. Why Restructure MANA? Frequently Asked Questions; Geradine Simkins, Executive Director, and MANA Board of Directors, February 2014
    This report is designed to answer the most common questions members and advisers have been raising. This document will expand and evolve as more knowledge is gained, concerns are explored and resolved, and questions are answered.

Watch this web page for more information about MANA's restructure!