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Why families choose midwifery: safety, building strong families and communities, being involved in their own care

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The strengths of midwifery care: informed consent, shared decision making, and collaboration.

Midwives put birthing families at the center, providing evidence-based information. Families work together with their midwives to make the decisions that are right for their birth and their baby. And when needed, midwives collaborate with other health professionals to help ensure that child-bearing families have access to a full-spectrum of care that meets their unique needs. Learn more in this new video, co-produced by Woman In The Moon films.

Why is midwifery and homebirth safe?

Safety is the top priority for families and their midwives. Hear directly from midwives about training, when to opt for transfers, and how close relationships help increase safety in this new video, co-produced by Woman In The Moon films.


Midwives matter: for you, your family, your community. Find out why!

What is the value of midwifery care? How do midwives impact you, your family, and your community? 



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