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About the DOR

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The Midwives Alliance Division of Research is comprised of a group of clinicians, academics, research and policy experts, and database developers who share the desire to increase knowledge about midwifery care and help midwives become more fluent in conducting research, critically appraising the available data, and incorporating the best available research findings into their practice.

The DOR is guided by a distinguished Advisory Panel.

The Coordinating Council of the DOR provides oversight and direction to initiatives staffed largely by volunteers, many of whom are dedicated midwives. The CC envisions a world where midwives, researchers, and other healthcare professionals work together to ensure that women, infants, families, and communities achieve optimal health.

The DOR is currently working on a series of projects designed to increase the capacity for, and dissemination of, rigorous research and innovation in maternal-infant health and midwifery care.

The majority of the DOR’s past, current, and future projects are in support of developing the MANA Statistics Registry.