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Facilitating High-Quality Research

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The Midwives Alliance has large and uniquely detailed datasets on midwife-led births occurring primarily in the home and birth center settings. These datasets include some of the only U.S. data that exists regarding physiologic, low-intervention labor and birth -- data that are becoming more and more rare due to the increase in “routine” interventions in the hospital setting.  The MANA Stats datasets are a source of information on normal lengths of pregnancy and labor, non-pharmacological approaches to pain management, mother-led birth positions, hydrotherapy in labor, and more.

The dataset has been accessed by several researchers, including: these current research projects.

Midwives, mothers, and others interested in developing a deeper understanding of midwifery but without academic affiliations are invited to access to the dataset through the DOR’s ConnectMe program. This program connects individuals with researchers for support and mentorship. To learn more about the application process, please contact Courtney Everson at

The Research Handbook, application materials, and further information is available online at