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I am a Midwife Public Education Video Series (2012)

Why do more women and infants of color in the U.S. die than their white counterparts? Six different midwives address the critical issue of health disparities in the US and describe how midwifery care improves birth outcomes for women and babies in vulnerable communities by providing safe, supportive and culturally sensitive care.

Midwives Know Birth Matters (2012)


Video #2 from I am a Midwife, a new online video series about midwives and what they do! In "Midwives Know Birth Matters" twelve different midwives, practicing in all settings, speak about the importance of birth for babies, mothers and birth partners. The quality care midwives provide can make all the difference in facilitating a safe, supportive and satisfying experience. Midwives know how we are born and how a woman becomes a mother matters!

What is Midwifery Care?

What is midwifery care? The debut video for I am a Midwife, a new online series about midwives and what they do, explores just that! Eight different "real life" midwives describe the safe, satisfying and supportive care midwives in all settings provide women and their families!

Singing Workshop at ICM Congress, Durban, South Africa (2011)

North American midwives in South Africa sing with midwives of the world at the ICM Congress in Durban.

Midwives Alliance Strategic Planning Retreat, Summertown, Tennessee (2010)

Midwives Alliance Strategic Planning and Board meeting at The Farm, Summertown, Tennessee, October 2010.